Early Saturday

I don't know where the above wine cork photo came from, or I'd credit it; my friend Carol assembled a wine cork wreath a few years back at one of our crafting retreats. I've been saving corks forever--maybe one day I'll make one. It's almost time for Beaujolais Nouveau!

I've added a word completion step for commenting--it seems that spam comments with links (possibly leading to 'bad things') have started to pop up on my blog. I've deleted those comments, but if I've missed one DO NOT click on any links in the comment section. Don't people --or bots--have anything better to do?

Edited to add...wine cork wreath is from Sterling Wines Online.

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a Bohemian Market said...

Hi Teresa:
Cool wreath; hope you make one : )
I have to comment on your mantle display banner. It is magnificent, to say the least!!!
I am 60 and it evokes memories of my youth; the hydrangea's, the white and the aluminum water glasses. Those glasses were the thing; ice, kool aid/lemon aid on a hot summer day and the beads of water on them made them icy to hold : ) Yours are pretty; I remember dropping and dinging ours a million times : )
Have a great day

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