Happy Halloween!

This is a good sign...it's not raining this morning. We've had so much gloom, rain, and wind this week. The leaves are sparse on the trees, and other than the piles of wet leaves on the ground it almost looks like winter.

Teresa=Bad Blogger

Usually this time of year provides me with lots of sources of creativity. Not so much this year. I've done a few fun things...visited New Harmony last weekend, attended a surprise birthday gathering for a friend, gone to the semi-annual Flea Market at the fairgrounds...but for the most part, I've been staying very local. No major Halloween decorating; I've had the Rubbermaid tote at the ready for well over a month, but all I've accomplished with that is to sit a few witch friends on a wrought iron bench and stick a few Halloween rattles in with some fall silks. Not too creative, my friends.

School is moving right along. I start my last module of the semester next week, and then it will be just 3 more modules until graduation in May. Can't wait, but then again, I don't know exactly what I'll do after graduation. I'm not seeing any advancement in my current place of employment, so hopefully the job market will improve a bit this spring.

Trick or treat...what will it be?

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