White Wednesday

It's White Wednesday again...visit Kathleen at Faded Charm to follow other links for White Wednesday beauty.

This week, I'm featuring a few of my photos and a few photos from my inspiration file. From the top...1) a house around the corner from my house...isn't the espalier neat? 2)a garden shot I've seen everywhere...books, magazines...it's one of my favorites. Who wouldn't want to have a garden like that? 3) another of my mantel/hydrangea shots 4) my star jasmine 5) an old clockface [not mine] 6) inspiration urn 7) a photo from an old Country Living...white chippy table...a relaxing little porch scene and 8) a white Katrina Cottage.


Great things of Whites, thanks for sharing.

Have a Great Day-
Plum is my favorite color right now. My bedroom is tans and creams with plum accents. Love it Love it! Your name is great, Plum Water Cottage.

June said…
A beautiful mosaic of white. I sure do love your mantle.
Amanda said…
I'm back to teaching tomorrow, but yours will be a blog that I return to often to help with my sanity. It's just so beautiful and relaxing!!!
Rebecca said…
Happy White Wednesday!
Love the little cottage witht he cupola.
Lovely mosaic. I love the mantel and hydrangea's.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a Blessed Thursday,