White Wednesday

I have always been a fan of whites and creams...subtle differences in a single palette. A few weeks ago on a sunny Sunday afternoon I saw this scene in my living room...the sun hit the firebox in my fireplace and lit up the engraving in the box, accented by the many dried hydrangea from last summer...Sonntag Tile & Mantel Co. After a little research, I learned that my fireplace/mantel was manufactured just a few blocks from here. The company advertised in the 1913 Grayville Methodist Cookbook (portions available online), and looking at the ads featured, it kind of takes you back...a time capsule of sorts.

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Mad Red Hare said…
I love that picture!
Vee said…
What a great picture and what an interesting story. A little piece of history right there in your own home.
A Wild Thing said…
What a beautiful portrait of faded charm, good catch!