Farmer's Market Friday

Evansville has a Farmer's Market every Friday and Saturday, May through October. It's just a few blocks away from my house, and this morning after going out to breakfast with my daughter, I had her drop me off at the market. This morning was glorious...the oppressive humidity left us with last night's heavy rain, and the morning sun was shining brightly...a great day to be off work.
Beautiful bunches of flowers, fresh berries from the farm, and lots of home grown produce. I didn't have my shopping bag with me, but I did have my huge tote bag...

I've learned to not shop for an army...I bought new red potatoes, green beans, sugar snap peas, sweet potatoes, peaches, and a bunch of mint.

I also purchased a bunch of these flowers. Excuse the pictures...I used my iPhone camera.

Fresh vegetables for meals today; and it's a lovely day to play outside.


Mad Red Hare said…
Everything looks so pretty. I might just come downtown and go the market. Those flowers are gorgeous.
Vee said…
Your iphone does a wonderful job...those gorgeous colors of fresh produce. You're going to eat well today!
Amanda said…
Your photos are beautiful!

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