Change is good...

The entryway to my house has been a catch-all for the past several months. Coats and assorted outerwear on the coatrack, stacked boxes of magazines to be taken to recycling, books and papers for school (times 2), and most recently Megan's pink bicycle. Too much.
Yesterday I moved a few things around...the bicycle (temporarily) to the front porch--need to put it in the back yard area and and secure it. I moved a wrought iron settee from the front porch to the end of the entry beside my black corner cabinet and hung the tags I bought from Dawn at The Feathered Nest above it. Now the front porch is almost ready for the chairs that I still need to paint--gotta get all of this done before it gets too hot out!
I had to take a picture of the begonia...it's thriving. All of the rain and gloomy weather we've had lately has worked wonders on the window boxes.
More to tackle today...better get crackin'!


Vee said...

Isn't it funny how you pass something day by day, week by week, but at some point it becomes too much? Good luck with the rearranging and I hope you share the photos. That pink bike on the front porch sounds darling, but I can see why it needs to be in a safer place.

Tara said...

The porch is the magnet for eberything that doesn't belong there---why is that?

Love the info about printing out the blog!

Did I tell you how I love your header??


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