The week ahead~~

Yes, this is a re-run picture...from the circle at University of Evansville. I just love this tree, and every time we have super high winds (and it's happened a few times in the past year), I hope that this tree is spared....so far, so good.

Tuesday marks the end of the semester for me at UE. Summer off, and then two more semesters until I have my Master's. My University of Alabama plans are definitely on hold...if I decide to pursue it, I'll have to cram math for the next several months and retake the GRE. I'm not sure what I'm going to do at this point...I'm just glad that classes are ending soon!

I was getting ready to list my Gail Wilson Early American Doll accessory kits on eBay yesterday, but when I looked at her website and refreshed my memory on the prices, I decided to hold off. I still really love the look of these pieces, and if I can get a friend's husband to build the display case to hold these items (the case is a free pattern on the website), I can actually see myself putting the things together. When I first saw the display in a little crafty shop in Ohio, I knew I had to have it. Gail offers the kits in a kit club, which makes them more affordable. Check out her website--- http://www.gailwilsondesigns.com/ ---and here is the link to the Early American Doll page. Lots of work, but it would be something a future grandchild (way, way in the future, please!!) would love.

Getting ready to head out the door for a WALK to work...it's finally nice enough to walk...not too hot, not raining, not too cold and miserable. Just right. Besides, the master cylinder on my car is ailing. That's why I live so close to where I work. Makes life simpler.

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Vee said...

I've often thought that living close to where one works makes the best sense.

That tree has great lines. I wonder how many children have climbed along that lower branch...

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