The week begins...

I've heard it's International Button Week. I love playing with buttons and's my new therapy.

Today's Simple Pleasure: Bubble baths followed by flannel pajamas and slippers. Bliss.


Mad Red Hare said…
Teresa, go to a Make Do Life,, and check out this cool button bag. I want to make one myself.
Anonymous said…
I love buttons too. I have a few jars filled with them. I haven't taken the time to take a relaxing bath in a long time!!

Cottage Rose said…
Hey Teresa; I adore bubble baths, I love to sit back with a great book or mag. and just relax until I wrinkle. lol I too love buttons I have some I use in my crafting.

Have a great week.

My mother used to save buttons and I didn't appreciate them back then. Now I think they are very cool. So neat!
Vee said…
That is such a cool picture. No bubble baths for me, but I do remember them fondly.