My companion...

It's cold here...and it doesn't look like it's going to get any warmer any sooner. I'm still waiting for Indian Summer. In the meantime, we're entering the final stretch on turning on the furnace (Thanksgiving weekend is the target date). I'm so glad my daughter is on board with this little experiment in self-torture.

My companion lately has been my Lasko ceramic heater. This bad boy puts out some serious heat...I purchased it at Sam's Club three winters ago and it runs quietly and efficiently. I heart it.

The only bad thing about not turning on the furnace is that once I get home and burrow under a blanket with the heater blowing on me, I don't seem to get too much else done; maybe a little knitting or reading, but certainly no housework. Brrrrrrr.

Today's Simple Pleasure: woolen socks


Steph said…
Oh, woolen socks! Love them and love when it is cold enough around here to wear them!
Vee said…
No furnace? Oh boy! Glad to know that this little thing keeps you nice and warm. True enough, it's so chilly that I just want to hunker down myself...but yours is the last blog I'm reading this morning! Somehow, I overlooked your post.
I love nice warm heaters. I have had a cold so I came home early and got under the covers (3 comforters)I agree with you, once I get all cozy I don't feel like doing too much else. Blogging and reading it's a wonderful combination. Thanks for the simple pleasures.