Utilitarian Pink Saturday

A pink bicycle...perfect for pedaling around town. My daughter purchased this when gas prices exceeded $4.00 a gallon. We still haven't gotten around to buying those perfect bicycle baskets we want...

I thought I'd take a picture of a fern one of my friends gave me this week; she didn't want to bring it into the house and she knew she would kill it. I'm guessing she hasn't heard my horror stories of trying to keep ferns alive over the winter months. This may be the healthiest you'll see this fern!
Yesterday at the Fall Festival was pretty amazing. The Digital Bookmobile is incredible. Their next stops are in St. Louis and St. Charles. It seems that lots of libraries across the country are signing up for this program.
Megan joined me for lunch yesterday...we had the sampler platter from the Humane Society--deepfried stuffed black olives, fried green tomatoes, and fried macaroni and cheese; a Monte Cristo sandwich (never again), a Cajun catfish sandwich, a BBQ baked potato(amazingly enough, not deep fried), and chicken and dumplings. I also bought a cherry kuchen from Resurrection Church, and some buckeyes (chocolate and peanutbutter candies) from Albion Bacon Fellows organization. All washed down with a Coke Zero. The kuchen and buckeyes were brought home for later.


Betty said…
I want a pink bicycle! I love those ferns but I never have luck with them. So I buy asparagus ferns instead and nothing can kill them.
Have a wonderful pink Saturday!
Vee said…
It's a beautiful fern so I hope your luck (its luck???) changes.

Your meal sounds delicious!
Janet said…
Too bad I can't send you my voluptuous fern. It is time to bring it in and they usually last about one week and die an extremely messy death. Each year I say "never again", but I can't just throw it out!

Katie said…
Ferns are hard for me too as we are so dry here! Love the bike! Happy Pink Saturday!
Kathy said…
What a gorgeous fern! Cute bike too.
Happy Pink Saturday...Kathy
Anonymous said…
Happy Pink Saturday, Teresa. I love the bicycle.

That is the exact reason I quit buying ferns. They die an ugly death when I bring them inside my house. The last couple of years I had ferns, I put them out on the curb for someone to take. Better they kill them than me. I've switched to ivy now. They live all winter.
Anonymous said…
Hope you have a wonderful pink Saturday..I love the bike. xx
Margie said…
I adore the *pink* bike! I want one, too!

I must say I'm intrigued by the stuffed black olives, and the other food sounds good, too, but if I had eaten all that fried food, oh dear, I know what I'd be doing all night long, and it wouldn't be pretty! tee hee!

Have a lovely week and good luck with the fern!

KatCollects said…
Ohhhhh love the bicycle, I think every woman needs one : )
Sherri said…
Love the pink bicycle. I have seen so many cute bikes lately. I think I am going to have to look for a cute pink one myself.
Virginia said…
I want that pink bicycle!
Have a lovely week and good luck with the fern!
Blessing, Virginia

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