Shaker Tomato Pie

A friend is stopping by for dinner this evening--a night of jewelry making for me, and probably knitting or cross-stitching for her. We're having Shaker Tomato Pie--using the recipe from the Village Mercantile Quilt Shop in Boonville, IN. Up until recently, they had a wonderful tea room on the top floor of the shop. This recipe is one of my favorites from there. Not a real recipe, since I just watched someone make this in their kitchen, but I took good notes! I've made about a dozen pies since then, and they are delicious.

Here are all of the ingredients, the only thing missing is a tablespoon of lemon juice--and I didn't realize that I hadn't pulled the lemon juice from the fridge until just after taking and uploading the picture. The pie is in the oven now--I'll post a picture when it comes out. I'll also post the "recipe" then.

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