Saturday before work...

This cute (as opposed to gnarly) little witch is the free image this month from The Vintage Workshop. I see some version of this as placecards for Bunco this month. It's my turn to host this coming Thursday, so thoughts have turned to what to prepare and when to finish getting the house in order. Somehow or other, I've been scheduled for nine (9!) days in a row at work, so preparations will have to be fit in among other pending things. We'll call any dust or cobwebs holiday decor, okay?


Vee said…
Nine days in a row? Ackkkk! What were you thinking besides rent, groceries, and fuel bills? ;>

You're going to have such fun planning your party that I know you'll tuck it all in there somewhere.
Anonymous said…
Absolutely, and the finest of decor possible. Throw around a few of the those plastic spiders, and call it a go. ;-)
Very cute! But nine days in a row!!

Take care,