It's finally Halloween...

It's the triple-treat...Friday, Halloween, and a day off! I'm on the second load of the dishwasher today...BUNCO was last night and we had a really enjoyable time. My menu this year was a little shaky, but I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the busyness of life. Here's what we had...

Pumpkin Dip with gingersnaps
Mulled Cider

Mixed green salad

Stouffer's (yes, sad but true) Lasagna

Garlic Bread


Pineapple Charlotte


Lots of conversation and laughter...it was a good evening. Now it's back to my 'regularly scheduled programming'...

I've decided to take a space at a craft show on Saturday November 22. A woman at work put me in contact with the show organizer, so now as I sit in my chair and contemplate life, I'm also making jewelry. I've made probably 50 pairs of earrings in the past week, sold more than half of them, and taken orders for more. A little more bead shopping is on the agenda for this morning, and then it will be time to select, wrap, embellish, clip, and hang.

Have a great Halloween!


Vee said...

Wow! You are doing a great business! That is fantastic...

A day off after a party is quite the blessing and since it's one of your favorite days of the year it's doubly so.


Mad Red Hare said...

Bunco was great last night. Your jewelry is really nice. You do a good job putting colors together. I wish I could make my jewelry ideas come together.

Anonymous said...

That's great about taking a space at the craft show! Good luck with that!


kayellen said...

Happy Halloween and pink saturday!!


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