And this is just her kitchen...

Bunco in Newburgh at my friend Michelle's house...she lives in a beautiful log cabin out in a wooded area. She works part time at The Heart of Newburgh. These are just a few shots of her kitchen, decorated for Halloween. I love the Polka Dot witch (so much, that another friend at Bunco opened up the shop after our evening's festivities were over so that I could purchase Miss Polka Dot on my way out of town!).
Michelle's kitchen is huge--and she has so many charming vignettes scattered throughout the room. I left out one entire side of the are because there were people who did NOT want their picture taken standing there!
Black garland...a nice spooky touch.
The candelabra chandelier above the harvest table...decorated with old fashioned glass Halloween ornaments and black beads.
More Harvest/Halloween items, and a cross stitch made by Michelle.

The meal was wonderful. As an appetizer (as if we needed one), she served a really good apple dip consisting of cream cheese, brown sugar, caramel dip, topped by SKOR crunch. It was killer.


Pam @ Frippery said…
Hey Teresa, I'm a bunco babe too. Isn't it fun? I have just started my Halloween decorating, thanks for the inspiration, Pam
Vee said…
That dip sounds great!

Your friend's home is very cozy and charming...I enjoyed seeing how she displays her mugs, her wonderful Hoosier, and those log walls.
Miss Rhea said…
Love all of your Autumn display. :) I love your banner too. I actually have a set of glasses like that. Mine are old aluminum ones from the 60's. They keep your drink nice and cold. :)

Happy Pink Saturday !! :)
Susan Hickam said…
Bunco is fun! I used to play with friends but they have moved so... now I do other things. The holiday stuff at your friends house is fabulous. I think I'm really getting into Halloween from now on.
Anonymous said…
Love her autumn displays. The black and orange bottle brush trees are so cute!

Sue said…
Love the decorations.

mgster said…
I just found your blog and I love it! I have been a part of a BUNCO group for almost twenty years now! We do snacks and desserts, but for our Christmas BUNCO we have a potluck dinner. This year it is at my house and I'm so excited about it. Love all those Halloween decorations.

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