Rainy Day Women...

On the agenda today...actually this evening...a Bob Dylan 'event' at our local amphitheater. It seems like ages ago when I picked up tickets for this, and I really can't believe we're at the end of August already. We have lawn tickets, which means we'll be dragging our folding chairs (and probably umbrellas), so we'll probably have a bird's eye view of Dylan, if we have one at all. He's not a real favorite, but I like what he's written and enjoy hearing other people sing his songs...I just have a problem understanding what the heck he's saying most of the time. This will be fun though, so I'm looking forward to it.
In other news...I'm continually cleaning ceiling grit from the floor in the bathroom. There's still a thin sheath of flooring between us, but their flooring is going to have to be structurally reinforced. It's just going to be a giant inconvenience.
I'm still holding back on pulling the Halloween decorations out, other than the framed postcards...but come September 1, out they'll come!


Vee said…
Hahahahahaha...love your honesty! I, too, enjoy what he's written and appreciate others singing his beautiful songs. He murders them! :D

Unknown said…
I hope you have a great time at the concert! I saw Dylan many years ago (third row, center) when his popularity had plummeted. I would never have had such good seats otherwise.
I hope you had fun at the concert. Bob Dylan is not one of my favorites either, but he does bring back memories of working at a dime store in the 60's at the lunch counter. Sorry about your bathroom troubles.
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bj said…
Oh, my...I have a grandson that would absolutely DIE to see DYLAN.

So glad you had fun...

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