Sunday Afternoon

Once again, multi-task Sunday rolls around. I've run across a few more crafty items that were packed away and haven't seen the light of day in years. More treasures, more 'junque.' While in Newburgh the other day, I picked up some large-ish twisted willow branches (eco chic), to make a Halloween tree for my foyer. I think I'll start out with some felted autumn leaves and progress into Halloween. I'm really not quite ready to drag out the decorations, I'm just thinking ahead. So far, I just have the branches gathered in a 6 gallon crock.

Still pondering ideas for finishing the dress form...do I want to sew a fabric form cover?...do I want to wrap muslin in a mummy-like fashion?...or do I want to go the decoupage route? The more I look at it, the happier I am about making it myself (with a giant assist from my daughter). For the price of the tape and a few cans of foam insulation (which I.would.not.use again) I have a dress form that will more than meet my needs. I really think she needs a tulle skirt.

My friend Beth will be stopping by early this evening; her former Celtic group (Rowan Tree) is doing an acoustic performance at RiRa Irish Pub this afternoon. She's going to stay here this evening and visit a few friends tomorrow before heading back up north. It will be nice to catch up with her and she just called to say that she picked up a bottle of Shiraz from the Oliver Winery on her way here. Good times.

Next on my to do list today...paint the frame of a huge cherry mirror to place above the living room mantel.

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Thank you for joining the art giveway! These are all very lovely photos!

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