Finally...Pink Saturday

Early yesterday afternoon I walked around the historic district taking pictures of gardens, focusing on the pinks. There were several really beautiful little plots. For some odd reason, I can't download those pictures from my camera...that's the technical difficulty. I grabbed a few pink shots from my week for sure, we'll have a garden tour of the Evansville Historic District!

I have lots of 'orphan' stemware; one, maybe two of the same stems. I love to use them for everyday...drinking AND bead holding!'s this for a really PINK book?


Anonymous said…
Happy Pink Saturday.

I love the idea of putting beads in the stemware. I actually looks really stunning.
Dawn said…
That is a really pink book :) I do like the idea of putting beads in the stemware. It is a nice look.

Sorry about your technical difficulties!

Happy Pink Saturday.

take care,
Cottage Rose said…
Hey; I love the stem ware and so pink pretty with the beads, great idea. And the pink book how clever you are in your pinkness. have a great weekend.

Anonymous said…
Great idea with the beads in the glasses--so pretty and inspiring and organized!
suesueb said…
i'd like a pink bead martini please! have a wonderful pink week!!
Susan Hickam said…
I'm sorry you are having technical difficulties right now but love the beads/and the book. Happy Pink Saturday.
What a great idea! I never thought to put beads in stem ware. I've a few pieces myself, that have lost their mates and I just slide them to the back. Now I think I will use your idea and bring them forth once again!
Hello Teresa!

Happy belated Pink Saturday! Love the glass filled with PINK beads! Very clever!

Margie said…
I love the mixed colors of your *pink* beads! I have a jar full of *pink* buttons and the different shades of *pink* just look so pretty!