More Red, White & Blue

I hope you all had a safe and fun Fourth of July. My holiday 'weekend' has a minor bump in the road...I go to work this morning. I'll resume the weekend after 5 o'clock this afternoon!
Someone asked about this framed piece I have in my's by Becky Geis, owner of The Heart of Newburgh, in Newburgh Indiana. Becky, and her staff (Patty and Michelle --Michelle of are so very talented. In the past they've manufactured papier-mache figurines for all holidays...bunnies galore, wonderful primitive Halloween and Christmas pieces, and their products are available on the web and through Country Sampler magazine.


Anonymous said…
Don't work too hard, Teresa.

There's fun waiting for your return from work.
Mad Red Hare said…
Man, I can't believe you have to work today. Oh well, life happens!