Mini rant

I guess I'm in the mood to be somewhere (anywhere) skip back a float aimlessly in a boat, watching the ducks, feeling the breeze (could they under all of that clothing?), and not having a care in the world. Taking time to smell the roses, and not worrying about pollution, chemicals, and global warming...and not relying on an automobile. Trade-offs are everywhere---better living through science, air conditioning (wouldn't want to be without that), and other modern conveniences, but wouldn't it be nice to go somewhere and NOT see someone walking the dog, driving a car, riding a bicycle AND talking on a cell phone?


Anonymous said…
I'm right there with you. What was life like before cell phones, cordless phones - ah no phones?!
Janet said…
I am right with you!

Cottage Rose said…
I couldn't agree more. Lets go.

Today and this week I could have gone off in that boat and I don't really like being on boats. Just to get away and not have to deal with stressful stuff. The picture is great.

Drop by my blog, I have something for you. Trish :)
Technonana said…
STEP BACK IN TIME!! That would be great... can't you just feel the stress melting away?
My husband and I have visited 2 such places...Colonial Williamsburg,Va..and St.Augustine,Fla. of course the hotels are still in"our time".
And no I can't imagine donning those dresses on a daily basis, but it was nice for a few days...
Vee said…
I can especially relate to the cell phone thing. Ackkk! I hate those things right out in public. People seem to lose all sense of common sense with their use.