I 'heart' French Poppy Art!

Thursday afternoon Mr. Postman brought me one of Teresa's (French Poppy) wonderful prints that she was so kind to give away last week. I chose the Cafe' print...but it was really hard to make a selection; they're all so beautiful. On my list of things to purchase is this print from her Etsy shop...a wonderful companion piece to hang in the little dining alcove off of my kitchen. Of course, that would entail doing a switch-out of kitchen 'furniture' from the alcove to somewhere else so I could put my small bistro set there. It seems like I'm always moving things around. Next weekend is a three-day for me, so as of right now, that's the plan.

I've had the urge to move lately...I absolutely love where I live and it's so convenient to work. On the minus side, it's quite expensive to heat and it really is much more room than I need. When I look around and see the accumulation of furniture and just plain old 'stuff', the thought of moving it (or divesting myself of it) just about does me in. It would be nice to live in a pared-down space...to spend lots less money on housing and utilities...I just don't know if I'm mentally and physically up to it. One of my co-workers is moving, so last weekend I went to look at the duplex he'll be vacating...it's about a third the size of what I have, but it does have potential...and a real back yard and off-street parking. So much to think about!

Do I 'need' all that I have? No...but it's comforting having it around. Look for a book sale to be posted soon...I think I'll put them up here before I list them on Amazon or Ebay. Step number one in de-feathering my nest.


Anonymous said…
I love it, and I love the other one you want, too.

I need to start to eliminate stuff, too. But, it just seems to monumental.
Vee said…
We all need to go through the purging process from time to time. I think a simpler life is sounding mighty fine just now in the face of increased costs, etc. Don't do anything until you are perfectly at ease with it. That's the secret. Have a great Sunday and thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on my blog. Hugs!
Kathleen Grace said…
It is so funny, I seem to hear people express the need to pare down more and more and I look around my home and feel the need to do a bit of "defeathering" too. We write about the great thrifting deals we get and then we write about needing to get rid of some of it. I feel more and more that I really would feel better with a little less stuff to put away, clean around or look at. Guess we are all in the same boat.
Mad Red Hare said…
Teresa, you know if you decide to move, I will be there to help out. Oh yeah, by the way, I tagged you. Come on over to the blog for a visit!
Anonymous said…
Lovely!! It's good item for kitchen decor!!
Rue said…
Beautiful print!

I feel the need to de-nest too. I have rooms of furniture and a basement full of it that no one is using. When we move, it's going to have to be done, because the house in 600 square feet smaller. I think I'll save what Annie might want later and sell the rest that I won't be using. Anyway, I understand :)

Janet said…
Good idea about the books; I have been sorting through mine as well and the ones I could part with are in stacks (currently being used decoratively, at least that is what I tell myself).


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