Friday Minutia

I would say that today...I'd rather be reading. In reality, it's work, funeral home visitation, and taking a stab at the ever-present need to organize. Another fear of mine has reared its ugly head in the past day or so...if I were to die, who would want to sort through all of this stuff? Would I really want to inflict this on anyone? The answer is a resounding "NO." I'm always doing a 'Scarlett O'Hara'...tomorrow is another day...but in reality, is it? I want to be able to relax and do fun things...and in the end, will it matter if my drawers and closets are organized? A conundrum for sure.
Instead, I'll probably soon revert to my ordinary life...sitting in my chair, with my lapdesk and laptop close at hand.


Anonymous said…
Seize the day.
Junie Moon said…
I wonder about the same thing in relation to my eventual death and the sorting through of my things. These thoughts come to mind especially during times of deaths and funerals. Saying goodbye to someone close to us is always hard and certainly gives us much to ponder. I wish you well today and that eventually you have time to find some solace in your book.
Tracy said…
I so know the feeling--I'd rather be reading too! Fridays are my all sorts days--cleaning, errands, groceries, etc. as I like to get as much done as possible so an not to have to do it all over the weekend--cleaning espeical--LOL! LOVE your lapdesk...I've always wanted one of those...very dreamy, very scholarly...Happy weekend ((HUGS))
Vee said…
Acckkk, what an awful thought! I refuse to think it. LOL! I know this, having just been to my parents' home, I don't want to ever have to deal with any of it. Sigh.
Cottage Rose said…
Well Teresa; I feel the same way, but then again my daughters would love to do the digging and remembering Mom saying remember when she this or that, with what they found. So I really don't worry about it any more. I hope you had a great day and a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said…
I also identify with you! I don't want my family burdened by my accumulations, but at the same time, my accumulations are me. Perhaps a little touching and turning and examining of my things will bring them closer to my loves. It did me when my mom died and I touched her physical accumulations and thought about her. I didn't give a rat's patoody whether her spoon drawer was organized, I just remembered the uses she had for each spoon.

My oh my--such deep thoughts! Let us live for the moment or as Beverly said, "Seize the day".

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