Farewell, Paris

The beginning of a three day weekend...what I thought was going to be an exercise in moving a few kitchen items out of an alcove and turning it into a cheery breakfast nook, has turned into a different furniture/stuff moving adventure. All thoughts of moving into a smaller space have flown out of the window. I'm still determined to rid myself of excess 'stuff' --probably to only accumulate new and different 'stuff'--but I've redirected my efforts last evening and this afternoon to relinquishing my guest room/craft room to my daughter. It was her space originally and she's moved back home. She's a busy girl, so I still won't see that much of her, but it's good to have her back in the nest, for however long she stays. She has just one year of college remaining, and she has her 'plan' together for grad school (along with two jobs she absolutely loves), so I'll just enjoy it while it lasts.

Last night I moved most remnants of my crafty things from the room..."PARIS" vacates this afternoon. I want her to be able to decorate the room the way she wants to...and she's brought lots of things back with her.

After a quick trip out for groceries (must replenish the pantry---other than milk, I haven't really grocery-shopped since just before Memorial Day), and a hopefully quick stop at the fabric shop for my sachet fabric, I'll be in for the weekend. It's going to be super-hot & humid, with an ozone alert in effect, so I'll be languishing in the airconditioning, sewing, and re-doing. I hope to get some books for sale listed at PlumWater Cottage Mercantile ;-) and some lavender chamomile sachets listed on Etsy.


Vee said...

Sounds like a fun and exciting time to have your daughter moving back in with you for a season! So you're going to re-create your craft room in a different way?

Thirkellgirl said...

I've just been looking at the basement where my daughter's go-to-college pile is, and thinking about how much more room I'll have in five weeks. But she'll be back in a year, so I'm trying not to fill it. :) Enjoy one last fling with your baby while it lasts. :)

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