Can you smell the lavender?

Can you imagine being here at the Norfolk Lavender Farm? The wonderful scent, the buzzing of the bees...I'd love to be there.
Instead, I'll content myself with my two pound bag of lavender buds. I think I can imagine lots of lavender sachets making their way to Etsy!


Unknown said…
Sooo pretty. I would love to be there! Jen R
Anonymous said…
It is so glorious that I can't even imagine. But, I can imagine lavender sachets.
Anonymous said…
Let us know when you make fancies with your lavender! I have bulk lavender too and need some ideas!!
Cottage Rose said…
I can almost smell the Lavender. I am crazy about Lavender. I hope to plant lots and lots of it next year.
Have fun making your little bags. I bet they go fast..

Linds said…
I have been there - it is not too far from where I live. And it is even better than you can imagine!