Sunday Puttering

Since it's too crowded and noisy outside my front door (and backdoor, too), indoor activities are in order for today. A few weeks ago, I purchased a box of binders from Office Depot with the thought of arranging all of the magazine clippings I've had for at least the past 20 years. While going through some of these, it's sparked new ideas and projects. The process of arranging all of this paper is a bit overwhelming, so I've taken it in small doses. The paper lining the spines of the binders is from Amy Butler's paper collection.
I've been asked by more than a few people if the picture on my blog header is my mantel. Yes...last Sunday morning I went out to cut some more hydrangea and I arranged it in the aluminum tumblers--inspired by a photo on Vintage Indie. The mantel seemed to be a logical place to display all of those flowers, and I wanted a fresh, clean look.

Heartened by many positive comments, I did list my earrings on Etsy. Later this afternoon I plan on making some other styles. I've been collecting beads and findings for quite a while...along with collecting lots of other stuff! It's now time to use it or move it on out...something I'm not really inclined to do.


Anonymous said...

Your mantel and wonderful aluminum glasses with the hydrangea look terrific! Your notebooks look so great, you organized gal you! I need to do that (all over the house), but I just don't ever really finish the job! Good luck with your sweet earrings.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Very cool! Love the mantel. Loved the earrings!

Anonymous said...

Hi and I'm new to the blogging world, just started mine last Thursday! Oh, I love your display on your mantel. The flowers are so beautiful and to know they came from your own garden! I remember those little glasses as a girl. Mother had some and what ever was in there with ice was sooooooooooo cold. I loved how the little metal glass would 'sweat' too! How cute is this? I love your blog and I'm going to look around a bit.
Hope you've had a wonderful Sunday. Shelia ;)

Cottage Rose said...

I was wondering if that was your mantle. I just love your hydrangea's and I remember those glasses too. I think that are so great. Brings back memories of my childhood. And being organized, well lets just say I wish it was me. I try to get that way, but somehow it does not always work out. I like your book binders they are very pretty. Have a nice week.

Vee said...

That's a very neat way to organize and I love the papers on the ends...great idea!

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