Rainy Friday, busy day

Since it's such a gloomy day, I took inside pictures...this is the grave rubbing Beth did while in Ireland this past May. She's a "rubbing maniac"...anything with an interesting pattern...manhole covers, any and all ironwork....they're wonderful memories of trips and all you need are some newsprint and pencils.

I have a huge "to do" list to accomplish today...including picking up tickets to see Bob Dylan at a local outdoor ampitheater in August. I could have purchased them online, but all of the extra charges vs. going six blocks to the local ticket window makes a local purchase more appealing even though it's just a little inconvenient. The tickets go on sale at noon. After that, I'm meeting my daughter for lunch at Shing Lee. Rainy days and Chinese food seem to go together. Major housecleaning is also on the list...I've let things pile up in the entryway and living room, and it's time for the piles to disappear.

Someone gave me several bags of "live plants" that they didn't get around to planting...Asiatic lilies, ranunculas, candytuft, and clematis. Hope those bare root plantings still have a bit of life to them. I've got the ranuncula (ii?) corms soaking in water, and if the rain lets up a bit, I'll find a place to plant these little "orphans".


Vee said...

Enjoy your busy day! Sounds as if you have some fun lined up as well as the chores.

Dylan in August...oh grave rubbings...love them, too.

Anonymous said...

Teresa, those rubbings are amazing. I have always found this fascinating.

Good luck with your projects today.

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