What is it with Fridays and rain? I didn't really have any outdoor activities (other than weed-pulling) planned, but I was going to hit a few yard sales this morning. I'm a "fair weather" yard saler...so I stayed put at home. A friend came over later in the morning and we did our own crafty things...she's working on a wool penny table runner, and I knitted. I'm just knitting wash clothes...simple, no thinking involved wash clothes. I have a little project in mind for later in the day; it involved picture number 3 below.
A few weeks ago I went to a neighborhood (not mine) yardsale. It's an annual event, and I had been looking forward to it for quite a while. It turned out to be a little disappointing since there wasn't a lot of participation in the sale...in some cases, just two or three per block. My friend spotted the typewriter...I used to have a similar one, but gave it away years ago. This one has a broken space bar, and doesn't actually work. My plan is to remove the keys and use them for jewelry. I'll be on the lookout for an old typewriter in better shape.

I found this mirror at the city-wide yardsale in Ferdinand, Indiana a few months ago. It hangs on the door of the guest room.
I want to turn this tray into a message board this evening. I've located the Plaid brand pink chalkboard paint, so I just need to prime, paint, punch 2 holes in the tray and thread a ribbon through them in order to hang the tray.

Another bargain find...a wrought iron rooster hanging bracket. It will be the new home for my asparagus fern on the sun porch.


Anonymous said...

Love your pics! Thanks for sharing. Please post a picture of your message board when finished...cant wait to see it!

Lori in Fresno

Vee said...

Oh I want to see your message tray when you have it done...it sounds great. You do well to find such treasures...it's getting so I hate to dig through stuff to look for them any more.

Tara said...


Great finds for you!

Anonymous said...

Please make the chalkboard now!

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