Pink Saturday

Yesterday, while blog visiting, I read about Pink Saturday on Beverly's blog. I decided to join in, thinking at the time that I had "lots of pink" around the house. I was wrong. I have a favorite pink vase...

A pink dish...I'm sure this has a real name or purpose, but I usually have a few buttons in it...
My favorite soap dish filled with a portion of the vintage German lucite beads I purchased at Bedazzled in Washington D.C.
...and of course, a few pink flamingos. Flamingos used to be a running joke in our family. My brother and I exchanged these on many occasions.
These guys don't make their home in my livingroom...they just flocked here for photography.


Unknown said…
Happy Pink Saturday, I love all your pink things. I love the pink flamingos! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Karen
Anonymous said…
Good morning! Happy Pink Day! :) I love all of your pink items. thanks for sharing them with us. xoxo, Joanna
Anonymous said…
Teresa, I love your pink stuff. You have a good sense of humor too. I love your flamingos and your family gift exchange. My sister and I have been exchanging some Christmas paper for twenty years. We have had so many laughs over this.

Have a happy weekend, Jeanne
Dawn said…
What pretty pink dishes and flowers. I'll bet if we all looked carefully we'd find that we have more pink than we thought we did.

Happy Pink Saturday!

take care,
Tracy said…
Today is PINK day??!! How'd I miss that one? PINK is my favorite color! You have some very pretty pink here...Especially love those vintage pink beads *SIGH* Thanks so much for visiting me today--so nice to meet you and find your very pretty place here. I look forward to coming back :o) Happy weekend ((HUGS))
Tara said…
I so enjoyed being pink with you!
Anonymous said…
Teresa, I'm so glad you decided to join us for Pink Saturday, and I hope you will be back next week.

You really made me smile about the flamingos. I grew up in South Florida, and when I was a little girl I always wanted my father to take me to see them.

I love all of your pink. Pink is good.
Marina Capano said…
Happy Pink Saturday just wonderful pink post! I hope you in my pink saturday too!!!see you!
Great PINK post...the flamingos are TOO CUTE! ~Rhonda ;)
Thanks for entering our contest. We'll post everyone's comments right before we pick a winner!
Have a happy "pink" weekend!
Kara & Darcy
Vee said…
Your pink flamingoes are wonderful! (And I never thought I'd say that about pink flamingoes.) You did very well to find so many charming pink things.
Shirl said…
Hello, I'm still making my rounds for pink saturday. What a cute collection of pink you have! I love the flamingoes, they bring back memories of my Mom, she had to have some for her front yard when her and my Dad bought their first home. What a cute name for your blog!
Blessings, Shirl
Unknown said…
Great pink pics! Especially the flamingos!