Early Garden Bounty

It was certainly not my intention to have two posts before 9AM, but when I went out to the backyard to pull the trashcans to the curb, look what I found! The first ripe tomato of the season. While I'd like to slice it and eat it now, I think I'll save it for a little Bruschetta Salad later in the day.


Vee said…
What a great picture! That tomato just pops...after having a cardboard version for lunch, I can hardly wait for a ripe tomato and it's going to be weeks...weeks!
Lorrie said…
Oh yum - basil and tomatoes - two of my favourite summer things!

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Unknown said…
I am soooooo jealous!:) Jen R
kari and kijsa said…
Absolutely beautiful!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

smiles, kari & kijsa
dlyn said…
My first stop by your blog and I picked a great day for it. Lovely photo - makes my mouth water! It will be more than a month before we have ripe tomatoes here.
Lucy Bloom said…
Thanks for stopping by on Saturday, that tomato is mouthwatering, hope you enjoyed it!
I'm so jealous! You got a tomato already?!

We had a tiny one get ripe, but the squirrels got to it first. :(

It will be a week or so before the next ones are ripe. But, when they do, I'm making BLTs.

Kimberly :)
Lucky you! To have a tomato already!! We have had 3 cherry tomatoes to savor....still waiting for the others to turn red....
toothfairy said…
Hi Teresa,
I got your request to enter my giveaway drawing. You have been entered! Thank you for your interest in the contest. I love the tomato you grew! I am now wishing mine would hurry up and get with the program, I love fresh tomatoes on my BLT sandwiches. Good luck! I hope you win. Jan@daylilylane
Rosie's Whimsy said…
Yummy! Nothing tastes better than tomato straight off the vine!