Saturday in Georgetown

Another gorgeous day...and instead of following the class itinerary three of us decided to explore Georgetown instead. The class visited Arlington National Cemetary (I've been there on an earlier family vacation), and a few of us were eager to explore on our own. We hopped into a cab and took off...a few minutes later, we were all gawking at gorgeous rowhouses in Gtown. I hope the homeowners didn't mind me snapping pictures of their doorways...it's a new favorite thing to take pictures of.
We visited the campus of Georgetown University...there were several high school visits in progress, and one area of the campus was set up with lots of tables featuring the various organizations in operation at GU. The trees were absolutely gorgeous...when I scan through my photos, I see a pattern; doorways, blooms, and religious art.
While strolling around M Street, after breakfast and before lunch, we stumbled upon Georgetown Cupcake. Cute, cute, cute little cupcakes. I bought two--a key lime, and a double vanilla. Yum.
The surprising news on this trip--we were awakened early Friday morning by an Ace Alert---a text message informing us of the earthquake that shook our world at home. The alerts usually let us know about snow and ice delays, and tornado watches/warnings for the UE campus community. I called my daughter and she said it was kind of scary, but there was no visible damage. I look forward to getting home tomorrow evening--I'm such a homebody.


Janet said...

Glad you enjoyed Georgetown, but I certainly understand you wanting to get back home at the first sign of danger. When I heard about the earthquake I thought of you and wondered if you would have felt it. Glad everything seems to be OK.


Anonymous said...

I would definitely have succumbed to a key lime cupcake, too.

Vee said...

Ohhhh, an escape, cupcakes and gorgeous doors! What more is there to hope for?

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