Reading List

For some reason or other, I keep finding books that I must bring home from work. The stack beside my chair has grown precariously tall.

This is the time of year when some of my favorite fiction authors have new releases. I don't read lots of fiction...but spring and summer seem to call for easier, breezier reads.

Crafty books are always a fascinating diversion.
This book (above) has been highly recommended by several co-workers. I was attracted to the cover when I first saw it...yes...I do judge a book by its cover!
I've been wanting to read the Country Living Crafting A Business book for several months. It seems to be put together like the Victoria "Business of Bliss" series from a few years ago.
I read a review of Shakespeare's Wife a few months ago...non-fiction.
This book about life in the library is absolutely hysterical! The writing style is easy, breezy...but it holds many truths. It's definitely a "must read" for anyone in public service.
With just one more class (Monday evening---final exam), I'll finally have more time for leisurely reading. Now, if I can just get this last paper finished...


Anonymous said...

I'm definitely going to have to follow-up on a few of these. I love to read, too.

Vee said...

What fun to find a stack of books here. Did you enjoy "Shakespeare's Wife"? I, too, judge by a cover even as I realize that it's never the best way to judge.

I'll be interested to know your further reviews!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing these books. I love to read, I was just lost in the library yesterday. My sister loved the book Bead One, Pray Too. I haven't read any of these, and each one looks like a good read. Thanks also for your comments on my post about empty nest. I love being alone creating, and you are right my new chapter will allow me to create at 2 AM if I feel like it. Have a lovely weekend. Karen

Rue said...

Hi Teresa :)

I love to read, but can never find the time. I think I'll have to make time for Shakespeare's Wife though. It looks very interesting :)

Have a beautiful Sunday,

Anonymous said...

That was one of the "perils" of working at the library...there were always far more books I wanted to take home than I would ever have time to read!! LOL
I saw some titles in your stack that I want to check out...let me know what you think of the book on prayer beads.

Cynthia said...

The Jennifer Weiner, Certain Girls is on my list. The Dairy Queen looks interesting. I too pick books by their pretty covers. I find I can read a lot more during the summer since I am not teaching!! Have a great week!

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