Spring--it's here!

This is by no means a current spring photo (nor is it mine). The sun is shining today, though--and the rains have stopped. Here's hoping that the next few weeks bring us gentle warm breezes, sunshine, and some much-needed time in the garden.


Herbgirl said...

I gasped when I thought you had tulips.....then I read that they weren't yours. I was so excited for a second as up north here we are always behind southern Indiana. My bulbs are coming through the ground though so soon enough they will be blooming.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Happy Spring to you! Oh please let us have some garden time soon. :-) Rosie

Rue said...

I thought... how in the world does she have tulips and I don't! LOL

I can't wait either!!
Rue :)

Vee said...

A breath of spring is much needed! The only tulips I'll see anytime soon are those blooming in the pots at Wal*Mart. (I should have bought one today, too!)

Have a wonderful Easter weekend, Teresa!

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