Rainy Friday

Here's a shot of my Easter/St. Patrick's Day entryway. I thought I'd better post these before the St. Pat's holiday passes us by.
I love the eggs hidden at the base of the tulips.

I finally was able to find a shamrock plant. These two look a little worse for wear, but they'll perk up...there are little white blooms on them, but with the "artsy" lighting, it's hard to see them.

With the high price of gasoline here (and everywhere), I have my errand/grocery list ready, so I'm off to meet my friend Carol for lunch--followed by Sam's Club, the grocery, and ugh...the gas station. The high point of my evening will be watching the DVD I brought home from work (and posted about) yesterday. That, the premiere of The Return of Jezebel James (from the writer of my all-time favorite series The Gilmore Girls) , and Top Chef/Chicago. I must have missed the premiere, but you can always count on Bravo for their endless cycling of a program. I hope the contestants aren't too annoying this early in the game.


Vee said...

So pretty! I bet that makes you smile whenever you come home and see such a cheerful welcome.

I know what you mean about the gas prices...I'm being so much more careful about running errands...everything is done on one day...no meandering about. I may take to walking here soon. It'll pay to shop local.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me going...I may feel the need to post on the cost of home heating oil tonight. Got some today...lucky me!!

Love your shamrocks!


homespun living said...

What a great splash of color those tulips are. I just brought some home today from the grocery store ~ food for the soul :)

Rue said...

Hi Teresa :)
Beautiful tulips!
Thank you so much for coming by and also for the good luck wishes on the farmhouse.
Rue :)

Janet said...


What i you think of the Return of J.J.? I wasn't captivated and it certainly won't replace Lorelei and Rory anytime soon in my book.


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