Penny Lane Coffee House & Rowan Tree

Just a short post to showcase the photos Glen Wells took Sunday evening at Penny Lane. Rowan Tree was wonderful; it was great to see them back performing at Penny Lane. They played continually for two hours, no breaks...lots of jigs and reels, and a few tunes sung in native language.

Penny Lane is a trippy little place...many "characters" from the neighborhood stop in during the course of the the day. They serve free trade organic coffees and other beverages --a great fruit smoothy according to my friend Stacy--and a few organic vegetarian foods--veggie wraps, hummus & blue corn chips, organic brownies...mmmm. Lots of live entertainment, too (in addition to excellent "people watching").

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Vee said...

Sounds like an enjoyable evening...I love this kind of experience.

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