How Cute Are These?

Serious Spring Fever has set in, so I decided to take the afternoon off and revel in it. I checked this book out last week, and there are so many cute spring/Easter items in it. Most of the projects look very easy to make...I might try out one or two of them later this evening.
I'm not really partial to soft-poached eggs, but aren't these Bird House Egg Cozies too cute? I remember seeing egg cozies on another blog around the Christmas holidays (Vee's, perhaps?). I absolutely love the pastels and whites that are throughout this book. Fresh...and refreshing.
Another idea for these little Easter totes...use them as napkin holders.


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Those are great projects!! I think that book needs to go on my Amazon Wish List. :-) Rosie

Herbgirl said...

What cute Spring/Easter ideas. Do you think Spring will ever come to Indiana?!?!!!

I am tagging you to write a six word memoir. Come over to my blog to check out the rules. Enjoy!

Vee said...

Oh my, yes! Those are adorable! I'll have to show my friend Mrs. G. She'd be proud of me for doing something for spring and summer with them.

Kissing of the Frogs said...

Oh what a sweet book, I am so darn ready for spring....HURRY! Love what you've done with the Brie box....you are just so clever!

Janet said...

How fun it must be to work with so many books. Such possibilities. I need to get a new library card and start going again even though ours is small and due to budget cuts not open all that much. I am craving movies since so many bloggers showcase them.


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