Happy Dance

My clean and fluff actions Saturday were too little and too late. My guest arrived with half of the living room yet to be vacuumed. (It was last on my list.) I'm glad she's a good friend--and a little dust and debris never hurt anyone. We had a glass of Merlot to unwind, and proceeded to the kitchen where I cooked--Chicken Oscar is best when immediately cooked and served. It was nice having someone to talk to while I cooked; usually it's a solitary action followed by sitting in front of the television. This was a really nice change in routine. Nothing "desserty" really struck me, so we just finished the meal with coffee. It was a good evening, and at least some of the world's problems were discussed, if not solved.

While blog visiting, I came across this new (to me) craft. A manilla file folder booklet...I immediately got up from my perch and went to the file cabinet to pull out the manilla folders and bone folder. It took mere minutes to transform the file folder into a four pocketed folding book. I will post a picture after it's dolled up with scrapbook paper and ribbon. Check out this link to see what got me out of my chair.

Now for the happy dance news. I've lived in a downtown duplex for four years. It's pretty spacious, with a glassed-in sunporch out back, and big rooms with high ceilings and beautiful woodwork. For the first couple of years the upstairs neighbors were great...then they moved out. A truly unbalanced man moved in with 3 dogs. He (with permission from the owner) ripped up all of the carpeting upstairs...so I hear the thunder of doggie nails several times over the course of a day (and night). He gets into major domestic brawls with his many partners, and over the course of the past two years the police have been called several times to stop the fights. It's truly horrific. I always have looked at home as a haven...peace and quiet. I can't remember the last time I slept through the night. When I got home from work Friday evening, there was a For Rent sign in front of the duplex. Yeah!!! I know the phrase "the devil you know" comes to mind, but I really can't imagine anyone worse than this guy and his parade of live-in 'friends'.

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Vee said...

I will pray that a dear person moves in...one who is quiet and thoughtful and who knows how to enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of merlot.

Glad that you had such a pleasant evening with a friend. Living alone has its joys, but it can be very lonely at times. Even so, I'm still enjoying being alone with just my little Fioré.

Have a wonderful day!

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