Garden Memories

As sunshine and garden deprived as I've felt the past several months, I've been spending time looking through old photos of my favorite house (ever)...the original PlumWater Cottage, located at the intersection of Plum Street and Water Street. All that remains of the property is a Plum Tree I planted, and every spring beautiful tulips I planted emerge at the corner intersection. I always planted something in the hollowed-out redbud tree located in the front yard...this particular year it was pink impatiens. Since that side of the little yard was so shady, there were several shade-loving plants that made their home under the tree...bleeding hearts, coral bells, and hostas.
I loved this giant old fashioned holly hock. So did the Japanese beetles~~but there was always a time when it bloomed beautifully before the beetles attacked.
This was the rose garden, in its beginning stage. On either side of the little angel, I planted baby's breath. The yard was in terrible shape when we moved in~~doesn't the lush grass look great here? It's Kentucky Bluegrass sod...hand laid (and delivered) by me. What a mess that was, but it was so worth it.
The stone bench at the walkway, under the shade tree.
At the backdoor of the house, just off the kitchen, was my little potagier. It was the perfect spot for my little herb and vegetable garden.


Tara said...

It looks like you took alot of loving care here!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

What a beautiful garden you had. Can't wait to see your pictures of the comings Spring's plantings....Spring is coming, right? :-) Rosie

Vee said...

Simply exquisite! I really like how you planted impatiens in the hollowed out tree. Hope that you are able to recreate your garden where you are.

(I didn't know that hollyhocks were so susceptible to beetles. I've always imagined planting some along my fence, but the lack of sun has prevented me.)

Unknown said...

Gorgeous photos of your garden. Oh, I can't wait for Spring too. I love this music! This is such a group of lovely photos. Blessings, Karen

Mad Red Hare said...

Teresa, I love those pictures. I miss that little cottage. Been trying to reach via e-mail, but it keeps coming back.

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