Treasures on Tuesday

Last week brought a plethora of wonderfulness in the mail. I was lucky enough to win giveaways on two of my favorite blogs, Rosie's Whimsey and A Scrapbook of Inspiration. This beautiful sagey green and neutral tassel came from Rosie's Whimsey. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to hang it on my Wardian Case (a Sam's purchase from a few years back). It currently houses a few plants, some sheet moss & Spanish moss, and a little nest I've been working on.
I also received this crocheted pin with a vintage button in the center. I love the natural/neutral color. Thank you, Rosie!
Mary, from The Little Red House, created this beautiful arrangement in a charming plummy rose tea cup. This was from a Pay It Forward craft exchange.
Isn't it pretty?
I received this gorgeous package from Karen Harvey Cox at A Scrapbook of Inspiration. Her artwork is so pretty...and it lifts the spirit especially at this time of year. Come on, Spring!

Karen's giveaway included notecards,
and this charming cottage print on canvas. Don't you wish you were the woman behind the picket fence? I do...

Thank you Rosie, Mary, and Karen. You've all brightened the gloom on a cold winter's day!


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Your Welcome, Teresa......glad you like :-)

The red cup arrangement is just gorgeous and how special is that painting. You can have Spring any time you want!

:-) Rosie

Junie Moon said...

What beautiful treasures you received, each and every thing is gorgeous!

Janet said...

Lucky Woman!!

Vee said...

What lovely treasures for your home. They are all beautiful and, yes, I do wish I were behind that beautiful fence!

Unknown said...

Oh your welcome Teresa, it was my pleasure. What I loved about One World One Heart was that by some silver thread it connected the kindred spirits and new connections were made. I love this music too. Soon we'll have Spring. Blessings, Karen

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