My car, the ice cube

Late yesterday afternoon, I ventured across the slick, ice-encrusted street to see if I could open my car doors. The answer...NO. I had brushed the snow off the car the night before, but it was now covered by 1/2 inch of ice. I was able to unlock the door...that's good, the lock wasn't frozen...but the door was immovable. Now the I pour warm water around the door frame so I can get it open? Do I just give up and walk the 6 blocks to work on icy, unshoveled sidewalks (or walk in the street)? Hmmm. Sure wish we'd be closed again today. The temperature is 16 with a windchill of 7. This one's going to take a little thought.


Vee said…
Oh yuck! It's bad enough to have this weather without having to be out in it. Hope that your day goes well. Let us know how you got to work.
Unknown said…
The windchill is brutal, but I can't imagine waling six blocks on icy unshoveled sidewalks. I hope today is better aaaaaah, I have something to warm your day a bit if you stop by my blog. Karen
Janet said…
Seems to be a bad winter for car doors...I have thawed mine with hot water several times his winter and of course I never go out early to check, always the last minute tea kettle!!