Lunar Eclipse

After leaving a friend's house (BUNCO Night in Newburgh!!), we looked up into the sky and saw the lunar eclipse. It was so cold and bright out...brrrrrr...and I didn't know if I captured a picture of the moon or not...too hard to tell. They turned out okay, but as always...you had to be there.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! was looking at it
outside, but like you said its too cold to stay out for long.

Thanks for all the work you do on this for us to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that amazing? I didn't take any photos because I knew I couldn't capture it on camera. We kept dashing outside to have a peek but didn't linger long because of the cold! ~ Lynda xo

Anonymous said...

Your pictures were better than mine-- and I tried two different cameras! They're very close to how it really looked.


Vee said...

Teresa, can you share how you took the photos of the eclipse? You know, beyond that you pointed your camera at the moon and clicked. LOL! Those are some of the best shots that I've seen.

Teresa said...

Unfortunately,I have no photography tips, as I just pointed and shot. That's why I couldn't really tell what I had on my display until I downloaded it to the computer. Just luck...that's all.

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