Saturday--Basketball, Papier Mache', and more Young Henry

Ms. Postalperson just delivered a book order from Amazon...I've looked through Papier-mache' Treasures before, and knew it was one I had to have. Teena Flanner has provided the ultimate guide to making vintagey papier mache' objects...all of the holidays are covered in depth with plain and simple instructions for obtaining the vintage "look". I've moulded papier mache' before, and have done some prep work with it, but the finished product has always seemed out of reach to me--this book solves the problem! It's beautiful and so informative.
My other purchase--Knitting Little Luxuries from Interweave Press. Interweave always puts out a quality product. The designs in this little book are wonderful...a Juliet scarf and brooch with one skein of angora...so beautiful! The pattern is one I'd have to pay particular attention to, but the end product would be well worth the process.

Last night my friend Beth came over for more Tudor "action". More Glogg was served...it's become quite the winter warmer-upper...and we watched three more episodes of The Tudors.

Today brings a double header basketball game--UE Lady Aces, followed by the Men's UE Aces--with proceeds going for breast cancer research. I'll be attending with a friend and her husband--both are die-hard Aces fans. Should be interesting, especially since I'm not a "sports" person. The company will be excellent though, and it's for a great cause.


Anonymous said...

I just rented "the Tudors" last week and went through the whole first season in like 3 days! Very good program - way too much gratuitous sex - but other wise I love it!


Georgia Peachez said...

That Teena Flanner book looks like a must have! xo, suzy

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for mentioning my new book, Papier mache treasures! Your blog is beautiful, both creatively and your envious talent at blogging!any questions about my info or book, just ask.

Janet said...

How cool is that ...the author is reading your blog!! Don't you find it amazing when someone whose works you have read is reading your blog???


Anonymous said...

What did you think of the games? I'm a big UE fan and alum. That was the best game the men have had this year.

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