Getting Ready for the Work/School Week

I spent a little time at the desk today, getting ready for work and school this week. The desktop is a catch-all, as it is located in the entryway to my house. The top is usually piled high with junk mail awaiting the shredder.
I managed to get it cleared off just in time to do a friend's taxes this afternoon. I did mine in my "comfortable" chair, laptop on my lapdesk...but thought I'd look a little more like I knew what I was doing if I moved the laptop to my actual desk.
After the tax filing...and e-file is such a blessing...I wrote out a check (pretty much of a foreign thing to me~~I love e-banking and e-commerce) to Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage to pay for the cheeseball pedestal pictured above. Isn't it cute?
After that I went on-line to purchase Wriskeys; one for me, one for my daughter (her pattern is pictured above). The Wriskey website just went online today...really cute stuff.

School stuff is ready, my purse had been "repacked" for the week...I'm ready (not really).


ps pirro said...

Hi Teresa! Thanks for coming by to visit me. Your blog is gorgeous. Girl, you have TASTE... Loved the Maxine's post (lots of people don't like their food to touch -- what's up with all that "let's get cozy on the plate" business?!? And I'm so glad you were inspired to sign up for a class with me. (Bring some of that magazine stash of yours if you can bear to part with it! We'll have some fun.) xox, P.

Janet said...

So sorry that your vacation is over!
Hope you enjoyed every minute of it.


Vee said...

Tidying up the desk is a huge chore...one I really loathe so my cap's doffed to you!

Hope that your week back to school is a very good one and that, once begun, you'll enjoy it tremendously.

Wriskeys...off to check that one out.

Oh, I do love the little cheese ball server from Tina. Very cute and clever use of a teacup and saucer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa,
That is a darling cheese ball server! You are getting some cute stuff!

My husband was shoveling off my desk when I walked by this morning. He wanted to use my computer but he couldn't find it! Oh, how i need my new office! Just to have everything neat and orderly would be SO inspiring!

Happy day to you!

kari and kijsa said...

Those wriskeys are so cute! and the pedestal...charming!!!Thanks for stopping by our giveaway today!!

kari & kijsa

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