An Award

Thank you, Kathy--from Shocking Pink Thread--for a You Make My Day Award. I really appreciate it! There are rules that go along with the award and here they are:
The award rules are to “Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland! Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on. Beware! You may get the award several times! ”

It seems that my list of "Everyday Reading" blogs grows longer every day; you know how it is...you're reading a blog, you click a link, and find yourself absorbed in yet another good read. I would definitely say that this new diversion (I've only discovered the wonderful world of blogs less than a year ago) has made a difference to me and it has given me a creativity kickstart.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Teresa! I know what you mean by your list of blogs growing ... there are so many wonderful blogs on my list that I can't read them all in a day! ~ Lynda xo


Congratulation Teresa!
And also thank you so much for giving me this Award, I really appreciate it!
I know exactly what you mean about getting absorbed, I could blog for hours if I would!

Have a great day tomorrow!
Aina :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award Teresa! I know my list of blogs is growing longer and longer!


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