Worn out...

...from inactivity. Do you notice sometimes that when you slow down--to relax, to renew, to reconnect--that it's hard to get back to regular, ordinary life? I don't know whether it's the time of the year, or just the fact that I've fallen into a rut, but whatever it is, it needs to change. Throughout the month of December, when it was really too late to do much of anything about it, I was FULL of ideas. Implementation was out of the question, but I did manage to write down the flashes as they occurred. It feels like my mind was on overload most of the month...now it's slowed to a crawl. Afternoon naps beckon.


I have this MAJOR list floating around in my head....it is all fuzzy, yet once in a while something pops thru clearly. Yes, way to much to do, never enough time. One of my plans this next year is to become a little more efficient.
Anonymous said…
It's good to write things down. I write my ideas down in a little book all the time and it's fun to review and see which things I actually attempted and which things I still want to do.


P.S. I've taken a nap yesterday and today (and probably tomorrow too) LOL!
Janet said…
I bought a little Christmas Journal/Mary Englebreit book at Michael's to keep track of Christmas. It was quite helpful and I think I will keep it in my rather capacious purse to help with the rest of the year. The ideas certainly have a way of escaping, if not written down somewhere where they can be easily retrieved.
Vee said…
Yes, I have noticed this very thing happening. I don't know what it means, but I hope it means that there's a major burst of energy coming right up.

(Yes, I have been "stuck" here reading your blog for some little time, too. Perfectly delightful so I'm calling it time well spent.)