A day of rest? I think not--

I started excavation (truly) in the back corner of my bedroom yesterday afternoon. I haven't laid eyes on some of that stuff for over a year...and didn't miss any of it. I've got a few bags for Goodwill , a box for Ebay, and lots for the garbage guys tomorrow morning. More to do today, with a Scottish BBC series for entertainment while I work...I've started watching Hamish MacBeth and it's kind of cute, especially the dog--a Westie. If I finish the room by tomorrow, that means I've fulfilled a resolution from...gulp...2005!


Janet said...

It is never too late to fulfill a resolution...right?


bj said...

I am PROUD OF YOU for getting that room all straightened up! I don't give a flip how long it takes to do a job...when it's done, that's A GOOD THING!!
hugs, bj

Unknown said...

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