A Change of Plans

Originally, I was supposed to drive over the river and through the woods...vehicular problems ensued, so a change of plans was in order. For a few days, my new plans included lots of reading and DVD watching...solitude, of sorts. It's gone from "flat to fluffy" around here though...my parents are coming, along with a fly-in by my brother who lives in Arizona. So exciting. I've been tidying up around the house...something I've neglected of late. This afternoon I'm baking cookies--a favorite cookie my grandmother used to make. I mentioned the cookies to my brother on the phone a few weeks ago, and we both had a craving for them. I'll post the recipe and a picture of them later.

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Janet said...

I am so glad your family is coming to you Theresa. It is always fun to have family and cookies for Christmas. Solitude and DVDs can wait until the bleak winter days.


PS. My brother is in Arizona also, in Tucson.

Catching Up

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