A Brisk Start to the Week...

Photo from bhg.com
Yesterday the temperature was in the mid-60's; very windy and very rainy. An all-around gloomy day. Late in the afternoon a huge cold front blew through, and the temperatures dropped into the 20's. Brrr...it's supposed to remain cold all week (probably all month and for the rest of the season!!).

I just love this chair decorating idea from Better Homes & Gardens. So simple, so homey, so easy to do. I'm going to cover a couple of pillows with a plaid flannel and put them on 2 chairs flanking the fireplace in the dining room to contrast the black and white toile and plaid on the dining room table.

This evening is the final meeting of my Literature class for the semester. I love school and really enjoy this teacher, but it will be so nice to come home from work at 5 and not rush right off to class. A whole evening has been gained...if I don't squander it.

Don't forget to stop over at The Inspired Room. I visited last evening and the wrapping tutorial had begun. Great creative ideas...and a cool giveaway.


FarmHouse Style said...

The cold front came through here today, windy and burrrrrrr!

I like the plaid pillow idea~I love anything plaid:)

Thanks for stopping by to see me the other day and for the complement on the stockings. Glad you liked them.


bj said...

I love plaid! I think I'll make some plaid pillows, too....(after Christmas, tho...no time now)

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