New Books

Last night I ordered these two books from Amazon. Vintage Christmas Crafts by Sara Toliver has really cute, really easy designs. We have it in our library system, but unfortunately it has been marked "missing." I remember looking at it last year...it has those cute little sparkly houses and churches in it and for some reason, I have the urge to decorate that way this year...sparkly frou-frou. Last-Minute Patchwork Gifts is by the author of Last-Minute Knitted Gifts and I really love that knitting book. Both books have projects divided down into the time it takes to create. While I don't really like to be under a time-limit when I create, it's nice to have a basic time-frame. Can't wait to get these books!

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Heidi said...

Seriously, I bought the Vintatge Crafts (Christmas) book too...I'd better stop reading your blog...I'll probably find books you recomment then I'll have to place yet another Amazon order!

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