Garden Remnants

Trimmed Lavender

The Basil Barrel

Sage and Miniature Rose
Until yesterday afternoon, I hadn't visited my little backyard for a few weeks. It just hadn't been a "destination" for several weeks...due to the high temperatures and lack of rain we had, my plantings weren't looking too good...and it was just too hard to fit in watering and plant care. This happens almost every year, but the spring is so full of promise...and I love to plant herbs and flowers. We've had a few very cold mornings this week...frost in some areas...but in this little microclimate near the river, look what survived and thrived...sweet basil! I'm going to cut back this forest in a barrel and make some pesto to freeze. The picture of the sage and rose...I should be ashamed; the rose was a goner, as was the sage. It fried to a crisp in the hot summer sun, so I dumped it in a little compost pile at the side of the house. Looks kinda nice now though!

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