What a good day to be at home...

We're experiencing yet another gloomy rainy day here in Southwest Indiana. This week has been the kind of week that really makes one forget about the extremely high temperatures and extra-dry weather we experienced all summer long...actually up until a week or so ago. Today is the perfect day to stay inside and putter about. I have books to read, a paper (boo-hiss) to write, and some kitchen tidying to do. Now that my night of company is over, I can smooth out some of the rough edges around the house...things I should have done before yesterday but didn't. It's a no-cook Friday; my daughter is going to a Halloween party after work (I did spend a little time concocting a skirt out of multicolored layers of tulle for her Fairy Princess costume), so we won't be dining together. I have plenty of leftovers from last night, and that dessert plate of cheesecake posted under the recipe is calling my name!


I love rainy days...The house feels so cozy. Magazines beg to be picked up...
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