Movie Day and shopping

Another lazy Saturday at home...I watched a few movies on TV, flipped through some magazines, and napped. Pretty pleasant. I found a JJill coupon in Country Living...$25.00 off a purchase of $100.00. After the nap, I went to the mall...all of the sale items at JJill were an additional 25% off, so I ended up with 6 items for $86.00. One of the tops had an original price of $139.99, so I did end up with bargains; the sweater at left had a final price of $11.00 and change...I got it in the color shown and in a pale celery shade. I love cotton sweaters; easier to work in than wool...you can never tell just how hot it will be at work, especially with my personal "power surges."

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Catching Up

  It's been awhile...as usual, not much going on.  As I look through photos on my phone, I decided to do a little blog post. Last Monday...